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answer stuff
after this
Ill just reply to things privately if thats okay

From today on, I’ll just answer messages through private reply. (it might be easier that way)

I also answer a lot of things often on Formspring:

so if you’re a Formspring user, you can catch me there too!


Answering all the messages in my inbox to clean it out. A lot of these go way back/cry

I really am sorry for not getting round to these things earlier, though I do answer here and there ;v; eitherway i have read everything and esp fanmails, thank you so much you are all too kind.

the more personal stuff like; exchange requests and stuff, if you want just ask again. 

tbh, I do think some messages which I remember answering appeared back in my inbox again? but im not sure. 

anyway; HERE WE GO~

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Answering Ask stuff. again sorry for the expected to be late answers ;w; but um yeah, here i go~

and yup, its pretty long so, read more for more =v=)b

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;3;) finally. getting round to answering questions.

um this goes old> new. and old goes back to like april time orz. im so sorry.

so yeah. its kinda long, im going to break it.  so yeah read more to read more 

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surrendertolove asked:Lulu, I made you a tutorial thing about Livestream…. Experiment on your own time is a good idea too. The bottom of it is about the audio stuff, may be helpful. The whole thing may be totally unhelpful too though, as I use a mac and you use windows. *i’msolamefeelfreetoignoreme*

If it doesn’t help I can try to walk you through it if you want. But on the other hand, maybe I’m just being a bother. Sorry. ;_;

ah thank youuuu~ 

i think my audio settings are fine though arent they??

;w; but incase anyone else finds this useful ill leave it here

Anonymous asked:what program do you use to record your tutorials?

If you mean speedpaint videos;

If you mean Livestream; Procaster (which you get when you sign up)


gravitycrystals asked:i hav three questionsss: (;A; sorry)

one wat does it mean if i cant c my own banner? (and i can c others clearly)

two how do i add the little blurb under my banner? like, so other ppl can add it? 

and three, trade links? ;A;

1) maybe your image link or your Coding is wrong. therefore it wont show up.

(actually, i see a lot of people with coding issues in their banner ;3; but i fix them myself orz. maybe i should say something ;A:)

2) use the code;  <TEXTAREA> code here </TEXTAREA>

3) I dont mind ;w;

Anonymous asked: what made ​​you start drawing?
I love your drawings<3

A friend of mine got me into it ;w;) she taught be about the existence of tablets and stuff xD and even though shes stopped on DA, i carried on since it was fun ^^

and thank youu , and no offense taken ;w;

Anonymous asked: I use binder paper when drawing stufff :3 How do I clean up the drawings then? X.X What application should I use?

Binder as in Lined paper? or plain

if its Lined paper. getting rid of the lines is just manually erase one by one, or just leave (i dont know any other way)

if its plain paper; this might help;

yawonderland asked: Hi may I ask how you do the lineart. Do you line it again with another color? @_@
How do you do it? XD

Lineart, i use the Crayon tool (since its softer) and just do it by freehand

To get coloured lineart.

1) “opacity lock” the layer, and go over with colours

2) lower the opacity of the lineart layer, and it “appears” coloured (<- lazy ass way =D)


Anonymous asked: I really admire you! Even since before I started to CG, you were one of my idols! ; v ; I really wanted to be friends with you, but I’ve always been embarrassed… it doesn’t change how much I look up to you, though!
Keep up the good work, okay? I - I can’t come off anon right now, but I’m sure that someday I’ll have the courage to. (///´ `///)

Take care~!

jdiljsdkgsgs ;A; you are so sweet.

i am nothing of what you think i am orzorz   

b-b-but thank youuu :A;

i’ll look forward to seeing you around, when you’re ready,’kay ;ww; 


izutan asked: Where does your funding come from (money to buy stuff)?
because I’m 15 now and want to buy things online without having to use my parent’s funding although they give me an money but they don’t let me buy stuff from online orz

Actually, when i was at you’re age. i was in exactly same position , I had to beg for things, using any excuse i could get eg;” it can be a early bday gift “etc

I couldnt stand it so when i was 16 , i  got my own debit card for which i just buy things myself. 

Other option was to, Pay my brother/friend to get it for me

and money funds, i did a few commissions so, i had from that (my parents dont complain since its money i earned myself)  ;A;


surrendertolove asked:Tangled for you~ Hopefully it works…might find a better one later

ah thank you, no time right now because of revision/hw

but ill leave this here for ref ;w;

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jocelijn replied to your photo: Going to lineart a Kuroshitsuji drawing~ Feel…

Could you make your livestream mobile compatible? Because most of the time it is dark at my side of the planet when you livestream. And I lay in bed without a pc. …

:A: ahh i actually dont know how.i thought it was compatible orz.


ricebao asked:I—I love you, Lulu! >///< /runs away


Anonymous asked:…You know the Making of Kuroshitsuji fanart you just drew, well I was wondering where you got to watch the OVA, I have been searching for ages and can’t find it.OTL Im such an annoying anon XD

ahh i had a tough job finding it too ;A;


and no, you are not annoying anontan ‘w’


Anonymous asked:On livestream people say that you have two brothers but I read you had a sister too and I saw three or four different names…

George, John, Peter and I forgot the other one :|
How many siblings do you have and how old are they? Can they draw like you :o?
Sorry… I must sound really stalker-ish… BUT NO, I JUST WANT TO KNOW

Post one of their artworks each and one of yours from the same time (like if their one was like from last year…)

ah er ,
i have 2 older brothers (no sisters at all)

oldest is John (19). second is George (18)

they both dont exactly enjoy drawing as much as me. but they are both very capable yes , I cant get my hand on any of their drawings right now so yeah ^^;;;


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Anonymous asked: omg i can’t stop staring at VOID! i’m so stunned by the way you rendered all the details in the props, bg, everything *A* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
how did you paint the white speckled stars in the sky? i can’t tell if it’s a brush or a texture (or are they individually painted? ;_;)

ahhthank youu , am happy  you like it (*´∀`*)

and with the stars in the sky, that was just drawn on with the pentool.

once you do an area of specks, you can copy and paste it all around, to save time ^^

arian3naira asked: woah..I saw your link♥out from missmaiko and when I got here ..@x@ !! another monstarrr artist. xDDD I’m ayn..I doodle but not really the dev quality you’ll expect @_@”“”.. are you filipino?

thank you ;ww;  your doodles are lovely~~~

and nope, im not filipino, i’m Chinese (british born chinese)

Anonymous asked:How long does it usually take you to finish a piece of art? :)

If i stay focused, i can actually get it done in 1 day, but it really does depend on the complexity.  

Usually, i like to split the work into 3 days. 1) line 2)base 3)shade +finish

to give my eyes a break ;ww;

zombieefacee asked: totally diggin the banner updates <3

thank you 8D

sugarsweetstars asked: Hello~ what is your ethnicity? I was on livestream and I heard your voice….and it was soooooooo cute!!! So high and sweet♥ what language do you speak also?

I’m Chinese (british born chinese) and gehhhh *manry voice* NO.

and languages; english, cantonese chinese

gr8sh asked: OMFG~.*
*I don’t even know what to say yet*
You’re a god.
Your art is really super duper gorgeous. =w=
I wish I can draw like you.*envies* Your works are really amazing and your sketches looks so free and I bet you can even make something amazing just by using 1 layer and you don’t even need ref for difficult poses and I wish I can draw like that too someday… 
Stay OSM :3

you exaggerate ;A; but orz thank you, am really happy you like my drawings.

practice makes perfect >w<

Anonymous asked: OMOOOO
Yeah, just wanted to share that and I don’t want to say this in the livestream because the people may think I’m way too spastic .___.”

his names Genda  xDD and yes ;A; i think sakuma has the most lines in episode 37/8 then any other *sobsob*

..figure out who you are….  QB!?  *jkjk runnss*


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Anonymous asked:How do you have only Sai open (on livestream) but you can read what we’re typing on livestream?
You’re answering us but you only have Sai open…

i have the chat box open next to the SAI window.

On procaster you can edit the box size of what you want shown on your screen, for me, i have it just around the SAI window ;w;

Anonymous asked:I saw that you bought the White Datura artbook! I really want it…do you know if it’s still on sale? ; A; I clicked the link you gave + the image but it was sent to a log in page, so I was a bit confused, haha;; And if it’s not on sale, how much did you pay for it? (I found a seller for the artbook…$30…and it’s highly likely that they bumped up the price a lot, sob)

Oh its Sold Out of Toranoana now ^^;;

I bought it for £13 from Toranoana, but adding Deputy service’s commission, and shipping and such, it added up to about £25 or so.

so actually $30 isnt that bad a price at this time, (if its new and everything).  but its up to you ;A;


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some of these are so late ;w; ack. sorry orzorz


kurororo&nbsp;asked:Hii Lulu! :>

Y is your art so pretteh? *3*
When have you started using the tablet? ;v; You’re so PRO at it. ヽ(´▽`)/
Keep up the awesome workkk !! >8D I’ll be here stalkin- i mean looking at your cool posts ;9

I Hope we could be friends someday! :”>


ehwkjhtwek whut

err tablet, i started about 3 ish years ago? cant remember

;ww; & thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and mmhmm


cut1efromb asked:I was listening to you on Livestream and I could not get over how cute your voice was! X’D

YOU HEARD THE WRONG PERSON THEN hskggs >////<;;  but orz thank you


spazzytoaster asked:YOU ARE SO CUTE CAN I SQUISH YOU
i wanted to talk to you on your LS but i don’t have an account trololololol

/blows a kiss and runs away awkwardly


:333: aiiiiiiiiiiiii-  ahh livestream, you dont need an account =D you can just type in a nickname for the session and voila 



Anonymous asked:How do you add links into your description?

Normal HTML coding. 

eg. <a href=”URL HERE”>TEXT HERE</a>


surrendertolove asked:W-would you color this? I am no good at coloring. ;_; (sorry for the long link, please don’t post the answer in your bloggy blog, I don’t like my work. TT_TT)

You don’t have to if you don’t wanna. I always ruin it. ><

sorry, i dont do these kinda requests ;3;  but maybe someone else will?

but remember, to struggle is to learn. even i struggle at colouring. but the more you practice the more better  you will get.


cherriuki asked:LULU <3 so amazing youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;u;


Anonymous asked:
How are you two together? Aren’t you in the UK and Namie is from Australia o3o”

We are using Skype, to call each other, so her voice will come through Livestream as well. C:

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melvindraws asked:O-OOMGGGGG! Thanks for liking my photo post of gazel. UGH! It means a lot for me, especially because you are one of my idol artists~ And also I learned some tips from your tutorials! *dies

ghshdgjgnn ahh you’re welcome ;ww;  gazeruuuuu~   & am honoured ;ww;

 lol *A* oh my typo-filled tutorial became of use ehhhh xD


justeenie asked:Haidur Lulu! LOL. It’s SmileyTurtle from your livestream >w<.

ohohoho HELLO 8D thanks for coming ^^

littlemissmaiko asked:I love Lulu I love Lulu!! Lets be friends pwease? oAo <33

aiii *A* l-l-lovee!? orzz

oh ;w; things like friends, if we get on we get on 8D

kimee-kun asked:Lulu~ <3 the livestream session was awesomesauce.. ~~<3 

I forgot to ask a question, though: are you single? :3

;www;; orzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous asked: Luluu ;3;
Sorry for disturbing but, the other day i saw someone ask where you bought you doujins and decided to take a look at
I ended up buying a lot of stuff *A*;;;;
so i placed an order + put my address and contact details and stuff- and after pressing ORDER NOW!!! (man that button can pressure you LOL XD)) it already said thank you for placing and order, without asking for my credit card ffffffffffttttt QAQ
how does it workk? ;v;

You should have got it sorted by now, but yes.

they will ask you after they got your order together and stuff (wait for another email from them

 (can take  up to a few days depending on which area’s Mandarake you bought from)